About Us | FAHM-E-DEEN

Fahm-e-Deen Academy established by Hazrat Maulana Shafiuddin Nadvi sahab (db), a renowned Aalim-e-deen who has dedicated his entire life for the cause of Allah and His deen, and has been focusing specially on the need of the hour and the challenges that Islam and Muslims are going through in today’s world. The Academy’s core aim is to provide the complete Fahm (understanding) of Deen and impart right Islamic education (Ilm-e-Deen) to those who didn’t get a chance to have a formal and detailed Islamic education through Ulamas, and are busy now in their jobs/profession. Right now Academy is running weekly lectures by Hazrat Maulana Shafi Nadvi on the topic “Musalman aur maujooda Haalat ke taqazey”, which covers a wide range of topics like personality development as per Islamic teachings, how to become close to Allah, Allah ki Pahchan, Khidmat-e-Khalq with practical sessions and activities. The Academy runs a complete course on Islamic learning called Fahm-e-Deen.

A Brief introduction of the Course:
The course “Fahm-e-Deen” is started after many discussions among various renowned Ulama’s throughout India, and especially all the famous and renowned Ulamas of Hyderabad have provided their suggestions and guidance and agreed to provide their support. The course is designed and being conducted by Hazrat Maulana Shafi Nadvi sahib (db).

Purpose/Benefits of this course: To help/guide us in
– Establishing a good connection with Allah
– Living a pleasant and successful life as a true mo’min
– Appropriate ways of dealing with and overcoming the challenges/issues in our day to day life.
– Strengthening the Ummah in present era.

Contents of the course:
(i) Fahm-e-Quran:
Basic Arabic knowledge required to understand Qur’an, which helps improve our namaz and get closer to Allah Ta’ala.
(ii) Fahm-e-Deen (Aqaed):
The basic beliefs that every muslim must have about Allah, His Messengers, Akhirat etc.,
(iii) Fiqh:
Understanding of Sharia’h and practical masael of our daily life
(iv) Personality Development:
Personality/Character development based on Islamic values, to lead a happy life